Sunday, September 30, 2012


Winter is on its way, so I am slowly starting to gets the knitted jumpers, winter socks, wooly scarfs and of course changing up my makeup routine and also using the darker shades in my nail vanish collection.

So here's my latest colour by elf 'mod mauve'. I love love love this colour but only downfall is that I had to apply lots of layers.

Monday, April 9, 2012

oh hello! ..

rip my baby

its been sooo long! but just a couple pictures of what iv been up too over the last month or so! ima try to get back into blogging!.. i have been loving loving lovingggg tumblr over the past few weeks! so follow me on there and i always follow back! and also twitter! but yeah, i have had one rollocoaster of emotions over the last month, i still wouldnt say i am perfectly fine now but thats life aye! i have realised a lot of things, a few being who my true friends are!, i understand 'me' more and i know what i want and who i am and who i want to continue to be .. blah blah blahhhh this isnt a counsilin session. just a quick update and all my links will be below, i will try my best to keep this updated! hope you all are well. lotsa love, gee xoxo

tumblr -

twitter - @georgahh 

Saturday, February 4, 2012

snow snow snow

just a few quick snaps of the snow from tonight, these was taken before it got ridiculously thick. and havent put the recent ones on the lappy yet, i have a love hate relationship with snow, love it now and will hate it when i want to go out and have things to do! lol but hope everyone enjoys it, when monday comes, everyone will moan lol

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

No makeup, makeup look

Natural Collection - pink cloud, Foundation Revlon Photoready - golden beige, Collection 2000 concelor - Medium 3, Elf powder brush, elf blush Brush

this is such a natural looking makeup, compared to what i normally use on my face this is very different. i used not even a pea size amount of foundation and just put this over my problem areas and blended around my face, i focused more on the highlighting and the blush, because i didnt want to look too dead lol. i never use highlights enough, i think i may have fallen in love with the highlighted look because it looks so natural and flattering on the skin and will look beautiful when summer comes around! so just a quick look i took some pictures of, as i havent updated this in a while! 

i also passed my driving test :D 

hope everyone is well 

Saturday, January 14, 2012