Thursday, December 29, 2011

L.A Colours nail polish

L.A colours nail polish - £0.99p
Beauty base

As you can see, i love me some glittery nail vanishes. these 2 polishes are such beautiful colours, the first two (treasure island and glistening purple) are very pigmented, and just need 2/3 generous coats. Jewel tone on the other hand needs about 4/5 coats for it to be very glittery and visable in a way. i have done 5-7 days without them chipping, and that is without any top coat so i think with top coat you could get a lot longer wear from the polish.
overall, for less than a pound you cant go wrong. i havent tried any of the range but i sure will do. 


Tuesday, December 27, 2011


hope everyone had a fab christmas! i sure did! :) .. just a quick post with some pictures of some of the presents i was lucky to receive. i now am looking forward to new years eve and of course the new year, i am looking forward to going into the new year with a fresh and clear mind, i feel like i am starting to get to know myself as a person and understand myself. so yeah, hope your well and had a great christmas holiday and had fun! my next post will most probs be a review of some makeup/nail polish's i have got over christmas and maybe post about my new camera and what not :)

enjoy the rest of the holidays
love, georgia 

Friday, December 23, 2011

Barry M glitter nail polish

£2.99 - Superdrug

I got this nail vanish from Superdrug a few weeks ago and left it on my dressing table for a while and forgot to use it! i reached for it this week and have been wearing it ever since. i am in love with it! and it makes me feel oh so christmasy! it has stolen my love over the silver glitter nail polish also by Barry M which before i started using this, i had the silver over different colored polish's as a topcoat.
the only thing i can say that is slightly annoying, is that it is the most horrible frustrating and LONG nail polish to take off, i put about 2 coats on of this and i am sitting there for ages trying to take it off. merrr! :(  .
but i am so happy with it and i deffo recommend!

Oh gosh, it is christmas eve! .. excited people? .. must admit i am slightly excited, feel like a big kid. but this will probs be my last post till after christmas, so i hope everyoneee has a beautiful day, enjoys themselves and is happy. (and gets all they wanted off santa ) follow me on twitter - @Georgahh for daily updates.

merry christmas and a happy new year 

Monday, December 19, 2011

Cheeky Purchase with the Asos salesss!

taking full advantage of the ASOS sale recently! and thought i would show you a few purchases, i should not really be buying for myself less than a week before christmas but i was just too tempted :) i say you check it outtt, and i also have noticed River Island, New Look and a few other websites putting their sales on already! so i say you have a cheeky look! 

Shoes - (River Island) £49
Blouse - £20
Leggings - £19
Earrings - £4
Clutch - £10

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

quick update :D

me rocking the big and natural hair! anddd me chilling with my beaut!

Helloooo, just me checking in with ya all! jus a quick update, been mega busy lately with coursework, work!, trying to get christmas shopping done etc etc etc. but i am backk and shall be on blogging a lot more, you will be pleased to know! 
im tryin' to get my blog more known and get more followers etc. because sometimes i feel like a doughnut making effort to make these posts and only very few people actually reading it. still loves me followers that i already have :D but you know what i mean lol. 
iv only gone and got a new camera for xmas, yes i know im not ment to know what father xmas is getting me buh youno :P, so i will be able to bring some outfit of the days maybe?, much better picture quality etc. 
excited for christmas!? i deffo am! andddd my driving test is just after xmas, super nervous but the tiniest bit of confidence lol! 
anywayyyyyyy! hope you is well, FOLLOW if you don't already! i does follow back if i like ya blog! :) 

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