Saturday, July 30, 2011

18 in 12 Daysss !

So So Sooooo!, i shall be turning the big 18 very very soooon! so i have been having to think about outfit ideas and been planning everything over the last week! i am kinda scared, because i shall be class as a adult! but i am excited because i am the youngest out of my friends to be turning 18 so i can go out all the timee nowww! (clubbing i mean! hehe) so yeah, my birthday will be on a saturday and then i will be also celebrating on the sunday after too with my friends out in windsor or watford maybe! woooo! :) .. so i have had to think of 2 different outfits. on the saturday me and my family and close friends will be going for a fancy meal! i have narrowed it down to 2 possible outfits maybe 3, so i will decide what to wear probably on the actual day! and then the one i dont wear to the meal i shall wear out on the sunday! :D so yeah!, i thought i would share this random bit of infomation with ya! and i think this could give you a little insight to what my sort of style is and maybe even inspire ya or you may even like some stuff that much you may wanna purchase ya self ;) 
oh yeah!, btw, i have taken the pictures off of the websites as some stuff hasnt arrived in the post and some is wrapped up for my birthday! and some stuff i carnt be bothered to take a picture of them so yeah, i will also put the prices and stuff for ya! :) 

Wedges from Office! i think they are £60.00! very high and OKish to walk in! lol - jeresy skirt, £12.00

'hnm' got in sale £4.99 ! bargin and looks noice on!

'hnm' dress £14.99

House of Holland for pretty polly super suspender tights - £12.00
picture taken from but you can get these tights in new look and many other places! and also New Look do a cheaper version of these for £4.99

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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

low side bun

My younger sister had her prom last week, and this is her friend and yes i did her hair.. i am proud of to be honest this isnt showing it off properly but i love this photo so this will do! :) 
i can not get enough of the low side buns recently! i recently done this hair style too a job interview! i think it is  so classy looking and very neat and pretty looking and soo easy! my hair is so thick and long i can do it without a doughnut but i see a beauty guru on youtube! and saw how to do a DIY hair doughnut and let me tell you for someone with thick long hair it is amazingg! because i did struggle finding one that i could fit all my hair into without a struggle! so i shall put the link to that video below! 

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Pictures And People I loves! :) ...

Lauren Conrad - beautiful !

i loveeeeeeee fishtale plaits ! 

couldn't help but fall in love with this dress, its amazing and so different to any i have seen before.

She doesn't even need an explanation ! lol :)

                   I have finished college now, so have lots more time on me hands to have abit more fun on here so keep an eye out, and follow meeee! also hope everyone is having a nice summer :) 

My Fav Top Five Barry M nail vanish atm !

 I have a large collection of me Barry M nail vanish, it was kinda hard to narrow it down but i just ended up picking the ones i've been wearing over the past few months a lot ! All these colours are completely different, and i think it depends on what mood I am in when choosing what colour to wear. I love the 'Berry' colour because its a beautiful shade of purple/lilac and it is my favorite colour and i love pastel colours also why i am loving the 'Blueberry' one also! now for the 'Pink Flamingo', you literally cannot go wrong with a nice pink coloured nail vanish, and i love this one and i wore this a lot on holiday ! and the white and 'Mushroom' nail vanish i personally think they go with pretty much all outfits and i think the white is different! when i first saw the white nail vanish i was kind of put off because it's not normally a colour you would see but then i got it anyway because i thought if i didnt use it i would deffo use it when doing french manicure so there would always be another use for it!