Saturday, July 30, 2011

18 in 12 Daysss !

So So Sooooo!, i shall be turning the big 18 very very soooon! so i have been having to think about outfit ideas and been planning everything over the last week! i am kinda scared, because i shall be class as a adult! but i am excited because i am the youngest out of my friends to be turning 18 so i can go out all the timee nowww! (clubbing i mean! hehe) so yeah, my birthday will be on a saturday and then i will be also celebrating on the sunday after too with my friends out in windsor or watford maybe! woooo! :) .. so i have had to think of 2 different outfits. on the saturday me and my family and close friends will be going for a fancy meal! i have narrowed it down to 2 possible outfits maybe 3, so i will decide what to wear probably on the actual day! and then the one i dont wear to the meal i shall wear out on the sunday! :D so yeah!, i thought i would share this random bit of infomation with ya! and i think this could give you a little insight to what my sort of style is and maybe even inspire ya or you may even like some stuff that much you may wanna purchase ya self ;) 
oh yeah!, btw, i have taken the pictures off of the websites as some stuff hasnt arrived in the post and some is wrapped up for my birthday! and some stuff i carnt be bothered to take a picture of them so yeah, i will also put the prices and stuff for ya! :) 

Wedges from Office! i think they are £60.00! very high and OKish to walk in! lol - jeresy skirt, £12.00

'hnm' got in sale £4.99 ! bargin and looks noice on!

'hnm' dress £14.99

House of Holland for pretty polly super suspender tights - £12.00
picture taken from but you can get these tights in new look and many other places! and also New Look do a cheaper version of these for £4.99

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