Monday, August 1, 2011

Rimmel London Eyeshadow!

Helloo people!
sooo!.. today i took a trip to Kingston with me mother n sister and after spending lots of moneys in Primark, Office and River Island we also was just browsing in other shops, so pops into Pounland, good old poundland!.. reason being my friend got some very decent dry shampoo from there and a pack of like 150 bobbypins for a pound which i thought was fab! .. and then i noticed lots of makeup in plastic packaging that said famous brands, now i thought huh!? there is no way you would find any of this the REAL DEAL and i noticed foundations the whole lot! there was lots of stuff i was just amazed! i kept picking up this Rimmel London eyeshadow, and i am a bit of a freak with buying eyeshadows lately it just looked soo nice! and to be fair i knew it couldnt possibly be real! and i had a little research before filling you all in on this and couldnt find no eyeshadow that was like this at all, although i did find an eyeshadow that was also in poundland that i have seen on the Superdrug website and boots etc! so they are must be fake? or maybe they are the real deal? but i couldnt see rimmel london alowing their products that are maybe £4.00+ to be sold for a pound! crazyyy! i brought it anyway just to say ive tried it! so take a look at what made me want to buy it!

looks Fabbb doesnt it!? .. soooo i then have a little swatch of it baring in mind i am thinking it is like a powdery texture as most eyeshadows are unless stated it is a cream eyeshadow or whatever ..

and funnily enough i laughed! because i was like oh well kind of expected this! buttttt lol! i put abit of the top of my hand and blended it inn .. 
and you know what i actually likes it! and it looks sooo nice on aswell! i did try taking some pictures of it on but my camera and the lighting wasnt doing it any justice! and it was only one bludy quid so not a big waste ay!

so thought i would let you know about me random little purchase! and follow! :)