Sunday, July 10, 2011

My Fav Top Five Barry M nail vanish atm !

 I have a large collection of me Barry M nail vanish, it was kinda hard to narrow it down but i just ended up picking the ones i've been wearing over the past few months a lot ! All these colours are completely different, and i think it depends on what mood I am in when choosing what colour to wear. I love the 'Berry' colour because its a beautiful shade of purple/lilac and it is my favorite colour and i love pastel colours also why i am loving the 'Blueberry' one also! now for the 'Pink Flamingo', you literally cannot go wrong with a nice pink coloured nail vanish, and i love this one and i wore this a lot on holiday ! and the white and 'Mushroom' nail vanish i personally think they go with pretty much all outfits and i think the white is different! when i first saw the white nail vanish i was kind of put off because it's not normally a colour you would see but then i got it anyway because i thought if i didnt use it i would deffo use it when doing french manicure so there would always be another use for it!