Wednesday, December 14, 2011

quick update :D

me rocking the big and natural hair! anddd me chilling with my beaut!

Helloooo, just me checking in with ya all! jus a quick update, been mega busy lately with coursework, work!, trying to get christmas shopping done etc etc etc. but i am backk and shall be on blogging a lot more, you will be pleased to know! 
im tryin' to get my blog more known and get more followers etc. because sometimes i feel like a doughnut making effort to make these posts and only very few people actually reading it. still loves me followers that i already have :D but you know what i mean lol. 
iv only gone and got a new camera for xmas, yes i know im not ment to know what father xmas is getting me buh youno :P, so i will be able to bring some outfit of the days maybe?, much better picture quality etc. 
excited for christmas!? i deffo am! andddd my driving test is just after xmas, super nervous but the tiniest bit of confidence lol! 
anywayyyyyyy! hope you is well, FOLLOW if you don't already! i does follow back if i like ya blog! :) 

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