Monday, April 9, 2012

oh hello! ..

rip my baby

its been sooo long! but just a couple pictures of what iv been up too over the last month or so! ima try to get back into blogging!.. i have been loving loving lovingggg tumblr over the past few weeks! so follow me on there and i always follow back! and also twitter! but yeah, i have had one rollocoaster of emotions over the last month, i still wouldnt say i am perfectly fine now but thats life aye! i have realised a lot of things, a few being who my true friends are!, i understand 'me' more and i know what i want and who i am and who i want to continue to be .. blah blah blahhhh this isnt a counsilin session. just a quick update and all my links will be below, i will try my best to keep this updated! hope you all are well. lotsa love, gee xoxo

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